Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time just circles...

For the first time ever, I have had a shirt long enough that it is back in style! I got a shirt from Ann Taylor about 4 years ago that is black sleevles with a bunch of pleats all around the arms and down the front. Well Tuxedo looks are back in this year, so I guess I can wear that shirt again!

Lola wasn't acting like she felt well this morning, but after yacking up some yellow goo and pooting a few times, she seems to be back to normal mostly. She was "wallering" in the back yard and has brought me her toy to throw a few times. She didn't sleep well last night, moving around a lot, so we took a nice nap together!

We are watching Gustav closely. Now they are evacuating Beaumont, which I think is a good idea. I looked at the forecast and we will get a fair amount of storms, and it looks like the main storm will hit between New Orleans and Beaumont. We have water and a freezer full of food, we should be fine if we have to stay in for a few days. We have ice too, just in case, and full gas tanks.

We are certainly enjoying this lazy holiday weekend. Lee is napping right now (though Lola is currently in his face with her toy!) and we are grilling ribs tonight and just being lazy. I can't wait for it to cool off outside so we can get bikes and go riding in the park with a carriage behind us with the puppies.

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