Thursday, August 28, 2008

That chick keeps stealing the pink ball!!

Tonight was "Wacky Bowl" sponsored by McCoy Flooring for all the Architecture / Design firms here in Houston. We had a pretty friggin fun time!! There was bowling, drinking, music, and goofing off. Wacky bowl consists of 2 rounds where you play 1 regular, then 1 wacky. Here are the wacky rules:
Frame 1: Regular
Frame 2: Opposite Hand
Frame 3: Between someone else's legs
Frame 4: Both Hands
Frame 5: With a partner's hands around your waste
Frame 6: Sitting on someone's knee
Frame 7: Spin 5 times and bowl
Frame 8: Eye closed!
Frame 9: Sit on the floor and push with foot.
Frame 10: Your choice (i did the happy gilmore approach and bowled a strike!)

Here is one of me after a drink or 2... I put on a bandanna (and my bowling improved...)

And here is what the back of the shirts looked like:
We had a grand time and now I want to go bowling again!!!

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