Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Sunday after a busy Saturday night...

Well last night I had quite too much fun! I shouldn't be allowed in the room when there is endless Champagne...And i maybe shouldn't drink it from wine glasses? There are many more embarrassing pictures!
After a yummy breakfast and retrieving our car, I did some busy body things around the house. I did laundry, washed the sheets, and picked up around the house. I also got some gorgeous flowers at the store and put them by the front window.
Then I put fresh coffee beans in all my coffee-bean urns.
And then, i decided to make Oreo Balls, my first attempt. Please excuse the messy almond bark! The taste is still yum-o! I roasted some chicken and veggies in the oven and we are about to lay back and watch a movie or 2 and listen to the rain come in. Tomorrow... back to work and a new chick starts! I might hit the store on the way in and grab her some flowers or something. She is a SFA alum like myself!

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