Monday, August 11, 2008


Lee and I are absolutely addicted to the Olympics this year. We have watched hours and hours since the Friday night opening ceremony, which was awesome!! I was super excited about the fashion stroll. I thought USA looked great but the Brits really looked the best out of everyone.I know we looked similar, but those belts are freaking cuuuute!
Then there was Hungary... really? REALLY?
I can't even start to rationalize... Wow.
We stayed up last night and watched the men win the gold for the 400m relay swimming! It was really exciting! I like Michael Phelps and all but... I feel bad for his teammates because it it like HIS show. They did awesome. The poor gymnastics girls just could not catch a break last night!! And the grading system is way off. I mean, Lukin did a PERFECT balance beam and was totally robbed.

In other news, Lee and I barely left the house all weekend (can you tell?)

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