Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best wife e-v-e-r.

I was at Target, looking for a pitcher with a lid on it so I can start making iced coffee. I have been obsessed with it. You see, Lee was in that awesome conference all last week, and I didn't want to make coffee for one person, so I treated myself to Starbucks each day. It really wasn't that expensive because I don't get a fancy drink. I used to, but I discovered I enjoy actual coffee so I now get a Grande Misto with 2 splenda. (1/2 coffee, 1/2 steamed milk.) That runs me about $2.50, which is better than the $5 I spent on the flavorful, fattening, Grande White Mocha. With whip.

I walked into the 'bucks on Monday and was looking at the menu. It was hot outside. I wanted a change.
1 grande vanilla iced coffee please.


SO yummy.

I added a little 1/2 1/2 and a splenda and hoovered that thing in about 10 minutes in my car on the road to work.

The next day... I go back, but in the drive through.

1 VENTI vanilla iced coffee please, with 1 splenda and some cream.

The cream made my ass larger but man was it good.

And again, i hoovered it on the way to work and didn't stop talking for 15 minutes straight once I saw one of my unsuspecting coworkers. Poor thing.

Next day, I go inside, get the venti, and do the 1/2 1/2 thing because the cream they added was just to indulgent (It was aLOT)

Now, Lee is back home and I am addicted to the iced coffee. I can finish it before getting to work which is nice because normally, the coffee is too hot, i have to sip it, and then i generally get too busy at work and forget to finish it and that is a waste. (long sentence. see Poor Coworker above.)

I make the coffee at night, let it cool, and then put it in a pitcher in the fridge. Right now I have to put saran wrap on the top. This still leaves me making hot coffee for one in the mornings, but this just adds to the fact I am the best wife ever.
Want to see the list of reasons?


  • Cook every night
  • Do 99% of the laundry
  • Do 99% of the cleaning
  • Feed the dogs 50% of the time (don't panic, keep reading)
  • Check the mail
  • Pay the bills
  • Wash the sheets (i see that as separate from the laundry itself)
  • and. Make Coffee each morning.


  • Takes out the trash
  • Feeds the dogs the other 50% of the time

So. Today, while at Target looking for my Iced Coffee Pitcher, I was back in the media section with Kyla, who was purchasing Bride Wars. (it's cute!) I remembered Lee wanting this game. The one he played where I was sleeping with ear plugs.
So I bought it.He literally told me I am the best wife ever. I am enjoying the machine guns, grenades, and generally profanities from the back room. Enjoying a little Adele to drown it out.

Blogging alot.

I hope the Iced Coffee thing didn't seem too random. It brought me to Target, where I bought the game.
And I didn't even find the pitcher I went for.
And I took out the trash when I got home.

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Donald said...

spooooooiled husband! ;)