Sunday, April 19, 2009

These are my gorgeous flowers from Lee for our 4 year anniversary. That is my desk, which has been in various states of dishevel this week. See those M&M's? They are evil. And now that my coworkers have found out my extreme addiction when they are around, they are multiplying on my desk like bunnies.
Not that I complained much.

Today I played with the Dyson some more, even though Lee had to pause his video game multiple times while I took my time vacumming in front of the tv. That makes up for having to wear ear plugs to bed to drown out machine guns and such while I tried to sleep at midnight last night. When he came to bed and saw them he said "oh. that bad huh? Sorry..."
Take a wild guess what awesome noise is filling my house right now?

More cleaning to do, possibly bike ride, then an inventive trip to the store since I will be alone all week for dinner. I think I might try Central Market or the big HEB's "ready made" case of foods.

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Sabrina said...

I SOOOOO know that machine gun sound...and also retaliate with any kind of movement infront of the TV that I can think of. ;)