Monday, April 6, 2009

Ordinary beginnings....

The other day, via facebook and in person, Tiffanie challenged me to start a cooking blog. When I say challenged, that is because I kept telling her no, and she told me enough times that I felt challenged.
At first I thought I should just post on this blog, and tag the entries for cooking... but the more I think about it, this blog is more about the Nash adventures, and I wouldn't want to only do recipe things on here.

So I ask, friends, random passerby's, what should I name the new blog?

I ask that it have a tropical / Buffett theme to help tie the 2 together.

I figure I will post each night after I cook dinner and devote this blog to being a "You - to - can cook dinner each night after work..." and hopefully inspire someone in someway.

Put down the frozen pizza. Back away slowly.


Sabrina said...

What about keeping the ending "of a parrot head" and changing the "life and love" part to something about cooking and/or recipes? OOOooo, or what about like "Meals of a Parrot Head", but change meals to something a little more creative. Hmm...another one..."What's a Parrot Head to eat?" or something along those lines? Just throwing a bunch out there for ya!

Donald said...

Gulf Taste? Gulf Tastes?
Gulf Treats? Gulf Cookin'?

Waves in the Kitchen?

The Riddle Family said...

Bre that is such an awesome idea! You are such a great cook and baker, I can't wait to see the cooking blog.

I'll try to brainstorm up a few ideas for a title...