Sunday, March 29, 2009

Garden update

We headed out to Lowe's today to get more netting, something a little more heavy duty than what we had. Perhaps chicken wire. While there, we ran into our neighbors and found out they had a garden and the guy had built a PVC pipe cage that is easy to flip over when he needs to get in his garden. Otherwise, the squirrels were making his life nuts! So our small project turned into a large one. All in all, it took about an hour to get everything done. We had to cut all the pipe (they only came in 10' sections) and then join them all together, wrap the new mesh around and zip-tie it to the pipes. It would have taken ALOT longer had Don and Donald not ESP'd my thoughts and came over to help. The walked in literally when we were getting all the materials out.
We also purchased some tomato cages to put around the plants to offer support and give us something to tie them to when they droop. From what we hear, the tomato plants are going to just shoot up and not stop growing until the point of the year they stop making blooms. Then they just die. So my neighbors and co workers will be supplied heavily with tomatoes this year!
Today was so pretty, 75+ degrees and sunny. Great day to be outside. We were at Lowe's awhile, then ate outside at Chipotle (a.k.a. heaven) then went to see I Love You Man (good.. maybe a renter though) and then constructed this cage. Days like these I wish we had gotten a convertible when we got my Mini. Awesome day to be in the mini with the top down and Buffett telling us how to live the island life.

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