Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday was made for lazy....

Yesterday we didn't do anything. Not one thing. We didn't leave the house. Barely got dressed. It was awesome!
It was cold and windy so the garage sale at Lee's parents was cancelled. Therefore, we slept in. I made breakfast, then we holed up in the living room and watched 2 movies. Milk, and Rachael Getting Married. Both good!
Lee loves his garden:I looked over and notice my puppies playing. Teddy was laying there chewing on a stick, and Lola was behing him, "wallering."Since I had so much extra time, I made pizza for dinner.


AFTER:I had left over sauce from spaghetti earlier in the week, then some fresh basil and cheese, and cut up a small tomato. That's it! I made the dough from scratch and it was a little dense but it was still really tasty.
I hope everyone else had a great Saturday!
Today we are bike riding, grocery shopping, and going to see I Love You Man at the movies.


Donald said...

yay for absolutely lazy days

that pizza looks sooooooo good.
nom nom nom

Sabrina said...

Do you deliver to Baytown?