Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Wedding Extravaganza!

We have been in the midst of wedding things since Friday! But the wedding last night was simply gorgeous and Melissa was just so beautiful. I really want to throw away all my photos and get married again because I could not compare to her!We had our hair professionally done, as well as our makeup! I have never had makeup like this before, and my eye lashes were huge! Maybe a little - dare I say.. - porn star? HA!
Lee was the best man and just looked so handsome!!!
We are off today to a present opening luncheon thing. I still need to find time for grocery store and laundry... and work tomorrow? Oy.


The Riddle Family said...

I love the lashes!!! The makeup is incredible! You look gorgeous!

Brodrick Family said...

You both look wonderful! You are beautiful! And the bride looked beautiful too...