Friday, March 6, 2009

Plants and Sleepy Pups

This is Ted. He sleeps in this spot on the couch every day. If you are in this spot, and you get up to go pee or something, you will come back to find your spot taken. And how can you move something that looks like this?
This is Lola. She burrows. But this is more the result of the "Lola Hammock." If you have your legs out with a blanket on them, Lola is on your legs. This results in a hammock. In this instance, i had to get up, so I put my legs down on the ottoman, and covered her up with the blanket. She did not see a problem with this. Nor did she see a problem when I came back and put her back on my legs.

Today I came home and watered our garden. There is something wonderful and fragrant growing on my fence, I believe it is Jasmine... so I clipped some and put it in my kitchen window.The rosemary will be planted in a pot outside this weekend, but he is happy for the minute in my window. I just want it to get as big as possible! I am also on the hunt for Mint and Basil. Then I will have many many herbs. I have chives, sage, and parsley going in my garden right now!

I also went on a slight iTunes Rampage today. I go through periods where I only listen to current stuff like Keane, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, etc. Then I revert back to when I was totally being schooled by my daddy on what is decent music. That is when you get in my car and it is Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and the likes. I find that when that mood strikes, I don't have what I need on my iPod..
I fixed that today...
If you are new to Mr. Clapton (and have been living under a rock forEVER) this is a great album to start with. Has all the ones you happened to have heard on the radio. This one I remember listening to with my dad. You can totally tell it is the 80's... I love her. LOVE her. I sing along to every song, I pretend I AM her. This is why I need extremely dark tinted windows.... Jack Johnson - I only got a few off this album. I like him but I never can get through the whole album - he gets TOO happy! I am like "curse or yell or something!!" But then I realize, man lives in Hawaii... he has every right to be happy!! I grabbed 3 songs off of here.

Now I am off to let Teddy out before he creates a doggie door on his own...

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The Riddle Family said...

Ohhh good ituneage Bre!

I love the photograph of the Jasmine! The lighting was perfect! It's so beautiful and I can practically smell it through my screen!

The babies look so sweet in their spots! Bless their little hearts!