Saturday, March 21, 2009


I finally planted my herbs. I have had 3 plants in my window for a few weeks. Since I had 3 large planters outside, I decided to just run out there and plant them really quick so that they can grow!I have Mint, Thyme, and Rosemary. I have already had to pinch the thyme a few times while cooking, so I am really excited to see it get big. Mint I like to keep around for tea.
We have a semi-lazy weekend ahead, which is nice because of how busy last weekend was. We are about to head out for lunch, then have a party tonight out in Cypress. Tomorrow Lee is playing golf, i suppose I will go to the store, and then out to dinner with friends.
We possibly will wind up with a new tv this weekend. We'll see.
What? Is there something wrong with our current tv? Of course not.

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Sabrina said... = mojitos!