Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garden Bandit

Lola has gotten increasingly interested in the new garden... Lee caught her red-pawed today!She was inside the garden! And then couldn't get out on her own... talk about guilty! HA!

We took our bikes to Memorial Park today on the bike rack - and to tell you the truth, we were not impressed. There were all these insane bikers there training for this huge ride called the MS150 - and they would yell "To the LEFT!" and all kinds of crap if you were going too slow. We were just trying to ride around for fun and some exercise! Lee's handlebars were loose and his saddlepack thing kept messing up, so we went home. We adjusted a few things and then went back out by our house for a more enjoyable ride.I did get a pretty shot of some bluebonnets, Lee's favorite!!
The time change sucks! I am not tired at all and it is 10:30pm! Tomorrow will be rough for sure.

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The Riddle Family said...

Awe! Sweet Lola girl! Before you know she'll be in there eating little grape tomatoes from the vine!

Matt LOVES Blue Bonnets from when he lived in SA. They are his favorite flower and he always talks about how the cover entire fields. I will have to show this to him, it'll make him smile.