Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today I had a walkthrough one of my projects at work. I have been pretty excited about this project because it is really fun and I had 99% creative control over it. My boss and I collaborated on the layout of the space and then I took over on the finishes (carpet, paint, built-ins).
Now - this red is the signature color of the company - so please don't hate me if you hate the color!
First I want to say - this desk is not done. This was already there from the previous tenant (as well as those wood floors... bad color!). It will soon have stainless steel where the white is, black granite on the top, and the red color will be painted where you see that little strip of white. Also, they will incorporate their logo on the front too. It will be cool.
It was my idea to bring the red down those reveals in the walls. They were already there so I thought why not use it? We mimic'd the stripes on the opposite wall.This is a buffet type area towards the back of the office, for when food is catered in. When I walked up to the pendants, the bottom came to my forehead. Now, I am a shorty, so I looked at the contractor and said "these are a little low, eh?" So they will be higher. Don't worry, this is the only other place in the whole office with the red wall :).
And this is the Break Room. Yellow is another color they typically bring into the palette at other offices in the US. They also like grey, so I brought that in through the cabinetry. Only the back wall (next to the microwaves) was supossed to be yellow, but I really don't mind it!
This is not a finished office. More will be done over the next 2 days and we have what we call the Final Punch on Monday. Hopefully by then the signage is up (logo's on the wall and glass doors around the office) and I believe most of the desk will be complete. The stainless steel isn't in until Tuesday so I will have to run back over there maybe Friday next week and get one last photo. This company also always has thier offices photographed so I will try and get those as well. Also, all the furniture will be in. There are many many more rooms, but they were still full of box's and contractors...

This is my first completed project that I have been really proud of. I do alot of dr's offices and they are just so boring sometimes. I have a few other projects in the works that I will have to get photographs of, but they seem really far away.... And you know, the one I posted about a long time ago... none of the people had the courtesy to send me photos!

Lee is snoring on the sofa, I better go get him to bed. We are both off work tomorrow and I plan on attacking this house and getting it really clean. I will probably have a black trash bag with me and get some spring cleaning done.

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Donald said...

looks great - you did an awesome job!