Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yoga and dogs

I have been feeling yuck lately. And I figure it is because I am not exercising, not even a little. One bike ride every 2 weeks is not exercise, it is a bike ride.
I have gained a little weight and I am pretty unhappy with it.
Today I started a whole body cleanse, and I still eat normally (although I need to try to eat healthier) but it helps me get rid of stored up yucky stuff in my body.
I am trying to get the willpower to start doing yoga when i get home, from my trusty DVD from back in college.

But tonight I just wanted to stretch. My abdomen is feeling tight, my legs heavy, my back sore.

I rolled out my mat on the floor in the kitchen so I could watch tv and stretch (lee is watching the basketball game in the living room.)

I will try my best to describe what happens when you try yoga with 2 curious pups.

You: Childs Pose (on your knees, but on your heels, hands out in front)
Dogs: Lick your face and play in your hair

You: Downward facing dog (bent over at an long angle, like a teepee...)
Dogs: Wrestle and play underneath you and lay down so when you move to the next pose, you have to shoo them

You: Cobra Pose (legs and pelvis flat on ground, arms straight pushing your torso straight up)
Dogs: lick your face and jump around on your legs

I am not sure how I will accomplish real yoga later on without locking the dogs out of the room, which is hard since there are not doors on the rooms that are big enough for yoga. They don't stay outside long enough for the whole DVD.

I will say... after my stretching and inadvertent playing with the dogs, I was relaxed!


Donald said...

the joys of dogs

pandora thinks pushups are an opportunity to sit under where your face is coming down...and get attention
and sit-ups are an opportunity to lay across your face

you know how difficult it is to do sit-ups when you're laughing????

Transplant said...

Well it looks like you've figured it out already! Great signature, sorry it took me so long to get over here!