Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today was a busy busy day.
I got up at 8 with Lee and worked from home for about an hour and 1/2. I am actually off today but there were a few things I needed to handle. Then I started cleaning.
Between 10 and 11 I did all the following things:
  • Washed pots that were in the sink
  • Loaded/ran both dishwasher drawers
  • Used my dish sponge to wipe down all the counters and the table, and my butcher block
  • Swept the floors
  • Threw away old magazines in the living room
  • Dusted the entire living room
  • Swept the floors
  • Wiped down the bathroom
  • Swept the floor
  • Sprayed the shower down
  • Squirted the blue stuff in the toilet
  • Dusted my desk in the Study
  • Threw away erroneous papers
Then I took a shower and headed out with Jimmy to go shopping. First I had to drive clear across town to sign something at the bank since we have a new checking account (long story). Then we ate lunch and went to Target. The idea was to shop for baby gifts for our boss's shower on Monday. Jimmy was printing the list and I went to the restroom when who do we run into?? Our boss! It was funny trying to fill up our basket with stuff and she was right there with us! But we had a good time.
While I was there I fell in love...
With this....The Dyson All Floors DC-24. There is a DC-25 out now so that made this one $100 less.
So I get home and put it to use and nearly filled the canister! The little hose part is really cool and I was able to go over the loveseat that Lilly lays on all day, as well as get around the cat box and in other tough spots. I had already swept the majority of the house so seeing that much dirt made me realize how badly I needed a vacuum!
I also cleaned out my closet and moved my "winter" stuff to the other room. I had to resist the urge to pull the dyson back out and go over the floor in the closet!!!
All I have left is a pile of laundry to fold, sheets to put on the bed, and then I will have a clean house.

What. A. Day!


Donald said...

oy, i'd rather be at work!!

Sabrina said...

Wanna come do mine next??? :)