Monday, September 13, 2010


Today I was looking through our DVR thinking about the upcoming Fall season that kicks off today on many networks.
With AT&T Uverse, it's really easy to schedule and organize what you have recording. I realized quickly that we may have some conflicts (i.e. too many things at once) so I made a spreadsheet.

Embarassingly, I am still addicted to at least 3 shows that are really meant for teenagers.. but these I am quick to delete and just read what happens on Television Without Pity if the DVR is full or I just don't have time to watch it all...

I converted the spreadsheet to a JPEG so I could share our addictions... I only have 3 new shows for this year as some just look too silly.

Anyone else out there watch too this much TV?


Donald said...

Too much tv!!!

Then again, I keep it to five shows at a time, so yours is out of orbit. ;P

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Um... Mine is just as bad. I created a spreadsheet last year. I have no room to add more things. I have two things recording every hour and I have to go to the back and watch a third on another tv. (my DVR only allows two activities at once)

Okie Rednecks said...

I told you already that I went up to my limit of 95 recordings on my DVR. That is just crazy!!!!