Saturday, September 11, 2010

No longer a "Study"

Actually, to call it a "study" would mean we sat in this room, read books, had meaningful conversations...
No. This room is part stash room for crap that has no real home, and part computer room. However the laptop in the living room gets way more play than the nice Mac.
So - there used to be a loveseat/ottoman in the room (you know, for the book reading..) but we gave that away. Here is how the room looked the other day:
(complete with cat..)And this is a shot of "stashing" mess. It's just awful. That closet has shelving in it that has all my small appliances in it. That little green table is for wine glasses - my Papa built that and there is one sole wine glass because we have ample kitchen cabinet space (that keeps dust off too..) Ironing board is almost always out because I iron as we need something. Being that I am not a morning person, pulling out and putting up that ironing board every time I need it... wouldn't make me happy. Oh and I have no real place to put it anyway...
(Like the fish?)

Thursday we moved the desk to another wall so we could put the bed there.
Now it looks like this:
We still have to move everything around on the walls, but that is an easy task. I also need a rug and a night stand. But at least if someone needed a place to sleep for the night, we could accommodate them!
(complete with cat...)
Can't you see how the green in the spread and pillows complements that fish? Yeah... it's the little things...

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Donald said...

Over the years, each of your rooms in your house has had a change-up.

The study? It's like a Hindu reincarnation machine - this is version eight?

Fun Project Room!

(just watch where you put the coffee...) ;)