Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??!!!

Sunday we attended a football kickoff party at Jennifer's house.
I have to say, of all the parties I go to (you know, I am such a socialite and all) Jenn's are the BEST. Best food, best fun, best everything.
I had high hopes for this party and I was not let down!

First the FOOD:
Seven Layer Dip. No one else makes it like she does..In fact I don't' think any other chips were opened because everyone was eating the dip.
Even Lee, right out of the middle like a caveman.

Then the other sides: little smokies in sweet and sour sauce. Now, this is the sauce I have heard of a million times and never thought would be good but it so is. Grape jelly mixed with chili sauce.
See? Sounds odd.. but it's good!
And queso with meat in it.

Yes please!And to top it all off: WINGS. Grilled wings that tasted better than any stupid fried hot wing I have ever had...

Oh i think that's venison sausage. I didn't eat that. I did eat some of those cookies in the background and like (2) brownies.
But don't tell my Dr that.


Jenn has 2 Tibetian Terriers.
They hate the heat.
So they lay in front of a fan like this:

Being that I am in my 7th month of pregnancy (27 weeks) and it's freaking 97 degrees outside all the time...
I really wanted to be that dog.
So when I got home I laid on the bed in front of a fan and was blissfullly happy!

In about a month we have a baby shower planned at Jennifer's that is NFL themed and even on a Sunday.
I look forward to more food just like this.
(ok, and presents. just to be honest...)

But really - that dip...

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