Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Shower #2

This past Saturday I had a baby shower in Palestine. I drove up with my mother-in-law and got there just in time for lunch (well planned no?)
I get out of the car, I don't make it halfway down the sidewalk and my mom and grandma find me. Mom starts crying and grabbing my stomach
(she hasn't seen me since I got a belly!) and so grandma cries to. What nice southern lady manners, not letting anyone cry alone. (name that movie)

Before I know it the camera's are out. I am smiling and hugging and posing.
When I see the photos later I could just die. Hello? Someone let me touch up my hair and makeup will ya?

So here is my 29 week bump with my cousin's 38 week bump.
I have some nice hair in that one huh? No lip color either. Thanks guys. I later heard my male cousin on the phone say "you should see Breann and Audrea try to hug, it's pretty funny."
Men Suck.

After lunch we caravan'd out to the party site, a place called To the Moon and Back in Montalba, TX. This is what we saw when we pulled up:

How awesome is that??
Outside shot of the building:
The Party Room, all decorated:
And check out this cake!
I opened all the presents after a game or two. I was happy to see the diaper bag that Lee agreed to carry around and not feel like a putz:
And my grandfather gave me an antique Amtrak train set:

Pretty neat huh?

On Sunday I got to meet Olivia LeeAnn Tatum, the newest addition to the Great Grand Children (the 3rd girl!) She is 2 weeks old.
Audrea is due any second with a girl, Zoey Mae Williams, and then I am behind her with the first Great Grandson - Logan! Babies everywhere!

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