Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 Weeks

I feel like I am the Great Pumpkin!And if we don't get a new camera soon (i.e. I really want the new Olympus PEN, it takes video as well!) - I am going to be angry. Every single photo that Lee has tried to take is fuzzy or dark or something.

Today's craving - Broccoli Rice casserole - so that is what I am making for dinner.
With Velveeta.

So when they weigh me on Wednesday I am just going to shut my eyes. I don't even think I have hit 20 pounds yet and I only have 10 weeks left (or less, giant baby...)

I am trying not to panic. I love everyone's generosity, but all we have recieved thus far from showers is blanket and clothes! I need bottles, diapers, wipes warmer, swing, pack n play, stroller...


Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Blankets, clothes, booties.. this is what I hear is to be expected... Just think - everyone at the store.. whats cute? not things you really need and that are really expensive...

If I weren't buying all my own not cute, expensive things... i'd sent you some!

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