Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What have I done?

Many blogs I read, women refer to their husbands as something other than thier name. Maybe it's the first initial, or a name like Marlboro Man or Hubby.

I would like to move forward from this point and call mine Caveman.

It could be the Mama Bear in me these days, but I have began to notice how little Caveman (previously known as Lee) helps around the house. Don't get me wrong, it isn't because he doesn't want to (um...) but more that I don't ask for help. I do almost all the laundry, most of the dishes, all the basic house cleaning. When I need help I ask and he does a great job (he has taken over cat box duty with gusto!).

But as the pregnancy progresses, I am noticing more and more things he CAN'T do because I have spoiled him.

This morning, for example, I was moving rather slow and didn't get into the kitchen to make his travel mug of coffee, something I do since I am usually ready before him (thank you blackberry). We have a Keurig machine and I have figured out that you need (2) small cups of coffee to fill the mug up to the right amount. Basically the travel size setting isn't enough... Last time I missed his coffee, he didn't really know this and ended up getting hot coffee everywhere, including his hand. This time he remembered but somewhere in between small cup one and small cup two, his ADD took over and he started to wash some of his special beer glasses that were next to the sink.

At this point, it's 8am. We are running 15 minutes behind.

I stood and watched as he then turned to make the second cup and just started mashing buttons and saying "oh fuck" over and over again.

Yes, I was laughing at the kitchen table while I watched.

Finally, because I was so anxious to get out the door, I walked over and told him to move, and I finished his mug, added the cream, and put the lid on.

In the time it took me to do that, he wandered off to gather the dry cleaning.

He also admitted he doesn't know how to work our dishwasher.

The one we have had for 2 years.

So when this baby comes and I am down for the count for a few weeks at least, what is going to happen? There is only so much we can put upon poor Donald before he throws his hands up. I realize now that I have only 8 weeks left to try and show him how to:

Run the Dishwasher (and put away the dishes)
Finish Laundry (you know, fold and put away?)
Pay Bills
Clean the bathroom (WHY are men incapable of this?)
Grocery Shop (without me)

PLUS all the baby stuff we have to learn together so that he can help me at 3am.

Poor Caveman. The "charmed life" is about to dramatically change for him.

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