Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Nursery

This is a very picture intensive post, just a warning!

First of all, Happy Halloween!{tshirt from}
@ 34 Weeks

Yesterday was our Nursery shower. While I am thankful and happy about all the showers, this is the one I was most anticipating! This one we got to finally unload all the loot and make the room ready for baby Logan!

We had the Living Room Crew:
The Nursery Crew (a.k.a put together the furniture!):
And the girls stopped to paint Onesies:
I think this one will be really fun to see him wear:See the beer mug? HA!
Then it was time to start putting away all the stuff:We still need a changing pad, but we have one more shower on Thursday and the registry shows it is purchased so.... We are still organizing and adjusting, and I am sure I will be in there every day fiddling around.

Here is a shot of the crib and chair:The thing on the back of the crib will be framed and hung on the wall above:Donald took a photo of some wooden blocks to make the name. Now... when do I find the time to hit up Hobby Lobby?

This week we will have the crown molding and ceiling fan installed, which will make a huge difference.

I need to find a simple rug for the room as well. I don't really want to do white, but I think that will look the best.

The car seat base is installed, and I just need to add a battery to the mirror to hang on the head rest so I can see him in the car seat (it has a light and plays music).

We have one baby class this week and one next Monday and then we are just going to be sitting around waiting on him to come on along, or for Dec 8, when I will be induced.

Does this seem to be going by fast for anyone else?


Transplant said...

I don't think I'm the only one - but I definitely feel like it's going by fast! P.S. B-rett loves the Mini Lee shirt. Beer mug. We LOVE IT. Also, I took your lead and I'm actually going to everyone's blogs to read in stead of reading in Google Reader so I can post comments. :)

Breann said...

I just have a huge bookmark list, but it's worth it! read if you want to laugh your butt off. :)

Jenni said...

That's the one main thing I'm looking forward to re: getting pregnant... decorating the nursery!! (probably not a good reason to have a child, huh.) ;)

Everything looks great girl - I bet you're super excited! :)

Breann said...

Jenni - yes I am super excited! I will take more photos once it's complete in another week or 2. I was just like you - never thought about kids but had the nursery done in my head!