Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guest Room: Complete

Now that the guest room is complete, I wanted to take a photo.
Normally, only the one bed will be set up, but since we have guests coming later this week, I wanted to go ahead and set up the trundle so that it would be welcoming when they walked in. I am sad we no longer had a nice cushy Queen size bed to offer guests, but this still beats making someone couch it for 4 nights!

I hope they don't mind the stuffed fish on the wall.

Donald took an old nightstand and painted it, and we picked out a few new knobs for it. Looks perfect!
He also took a book case and did the same thing, but that is in Logan's room which is not picture ready as of yet...

Now I have to find a home for the box's under the bed so we can stow the trundle after the guests leave. I think a closet re-do is in order for the hall closet - and soon.

If Container Store reports higher than usual earnings at the end of this month, you will know why!


Liz Owen said...

Lovely! I'm losing my guest room, we're going to miss it!

Breann said...

Thank you Liz! It's been quite a challenge in our little bungalow to make room for this little guy. But I am at peace knowing we have a comfy and private place for people to stay. I hope you are feeling well!