Wednesday, October 13, 2010


{excuse the bad quality of the photos in this post. They were taken with my phone with only one lamp on in the room..}

This is Lola:She likes one thing in the world. Only one thing. And it's this:


He rules the world to her. He is the moon and the stars.

And, this is the best part, he smells terrible.

What's not to like, right?

Every night, Lola wants us to throw Froggie for her, about 150 times in a row.

Teddy likes Froggie a little bit:Mainly just to take him from Lola to make her mad.

That's what little brothers are for I suppose.

Since he is such an important part of our household, I just wanted to introduce Froggie to you.Because best friends are a dime a dozen.

(what does that even mean?)


Jenni said...

I love Snauzers!! They crack me up. They look like old men!! Hee hee! :)

Breann said...

They are all personality for sure! Lola is prepping us for a toddler with all her energy!