Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All by a REALLY clean house.

I am pathetic when Lee travels.

I watch trash tv and cry at barely sentimental parts.
I go to bed early only to lay there and watch tv until 2am because I can't sleep without him.
I eat cereal for dinner.
I get mad that he is gone because then I can't watch half the stuff on the DVR.

Tonight I decided a good way to occupy my time was to clean the house. I mean CLEAN IT. Like I was being paid to do so.

The bathroom was the main area I concentrated on. Usually, when I clean the bathroom, it's a little better than a wipe down with various products. Tonight...
  • Took everything off the glass shelves and used a soapy sponge to clean them. Then I put everything back.
  • Wiped the small ledge of the bead board down.
  • Cleaned the mirrors
  • Used a soapy sponge to clean the sinks (not just a Clorox wipe)
  • Soapy sponge on the outside of the toilet, sprayed something inside the toilet and let it sit awhile.
  • Sprayed the shower with something and let it sit. Then hit it with a soapy sponge.
  • Mopped the floor with a little bleach in the soapy water.
  • Cleaned out the drawers and threw away lots of almost used-but moved onto the next thing bottles of lotion or hair products. Never in my life have I finished a bottle of lotion, hair something, or shampoo.
  • Washed the bathmats
  • Put out fresh soap I got at Target today
  • Hung a fresh shower curtain liner
  • Dusted the light fixtures
  • Restocked the glass containers with cotton balls and Qtips.
This took me almost an hour. Then I cleaned the kitchen to the point where there is nothing on the counter that doesn't need to be there, the counter is as shiny as a mirror, mopped it with the same soap/bleach/water concoction, and took out all the trash in the house.

Halfway through the kitchen I realized - my nose burns. I think I added too much bleach to that bucket. Whoops.

I have lit candles, started laundry, and swept the rest of the house.

Nesting much?

Now my back hurts from my bottom to my neck, I can't smell the candles - only the bleach, and my feet hurt!

In other news the doctor told me, after measuring my massive belly, that I am still measuring ahead of schedule. I asked him if he thought I would make it to my due date of December 15. He looked at the calendar and said he is comfortable with inducing me on December 8th! He doesn't like to let his patients go past the due date and prefers to induce a little before.

In my mind he was thinking "Holy crap, giant baby. Better get him out early.."

I am happy with the 8th because that is a pretty good distance from Christmas. Hopefully he still gets classroom birthday parties with that date.

That means... 7 more weeks until I meet this little man.



Okie Rednecks said...

I am glad that someone else gets irritated about the DVR!!! That is frustrating to me! Matt's birthday is December 2nd and it wasn't a big deal! Can wait to see him!!!

Taylor said...

My husband was just out of town so I can really relate!

Congrats on your new baby!