Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh yeah, my job...

I work on many many many projects at a time. The problem is, once they are done, it's hard to get out and take photos.
However, one I just finished is in the same building and only a few floors above us so I got photos pretty quickly on this one!

This company is run by youngins who started it in an apartment. It tracks all of Continental's flights and the people are super fun to work with.

I am only putting up a few photos, to give you an idea of what I do.

First is the reception area:
The company colors are 2 shades of blue with an accent of orange. You can see a little orange in the conference room over the frost on the glass. The pendants are also orange above the desk here. While I am not a huge fan of orange, we used it sparingly to make an impact.

This is the best breakroom EVER. Look at that fridge of drinks! Look at all the snacks (there are more in the little bins). They let me steal some snacks while I was up there. :)

Just a standard little cube-farm with a sitting area (where more cubes will go as this company grows).
Another seating group where future workstations will go. I love this carpet...
Yes, there is a TON of blue. I hadn't planned this much but they kept adding more - and what the client wants, the client gets.

So that's one glimpse into what I do all day. We take a space, change it up to fit the client, then document it for the contractor to build it (a.k.a blueprints). We choose all the finishes (carpet, paint, etc) and coordinate with furniture as needed. I work on both contemporary (as shown obviously) and traditional as well as medical. There is not one day that is like the last around here, which is really fun and challenging.

Speaking of youngins, I am only one for the rest of today. Tomorrow... I will be....



Stacia said...

Nice work! And I kinda like blue/orange but the way you used the orange sparingly is just perfect. To have a job you love is such an amazing thing - I keep hoping that happens for me someday.

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

That looks great! I actually love the splashes of orange. And that breakroom looks like a guarantee to gain weight at work!