Saturday, October 16, 2010


This week alone, I have added no fewer than 6 blogs to my list that I follow. This is on top of at least 6 or so I read already. I am one of those people that checks every single day (sometimes twice) to see if anyone has updated.

This also made me realize I need to be more diligent on my own blog to find interesting things to add in case there is even one person out there who likes my blog enough to check it frequently.

So I wanted to give a shout out to the blogs I am obsessed with, and maybe you will like them too!

(oh and most of them are Mommy blogs, I noticed... in time mine will surely turn that way...)

Blogs I have followed a long time:

Adventures In Life, Love, and Motherhood (my good friend Sabrina!)

Meanest Mom

Okie Rednecks (I met her through Dogster actually, we both have a love of schnauzers and she lives like 10 miles from my mom in Oklahoma. Small world much?)

Nienie (I didn't hear about her until right after her plane crash, but I sat for a whole weekend and read her archives. makes me want to be a better wife (and mom) for sure.)

I would like to give honorable mention to the next blog I obsess over, not only because she is a good friend of mine, my husband went to middle school/high school/college with her husband, and they live 1 mile away - but because of her story.
Meet Tiffanie over at Pineapples and Pickles. And give her some hugs through your computer screen please. She is just fabulous.

Of course I follow Pioneer Woman as well. Who doesn't?

Over the past few months I have been obsessed with Marriage Confessions, Our Front Door, and I'm Gonna Kill Him (this one, man her Twitter and Posts make me laugh until I pee, which is easy with a giant baby head on my bladder).
I also love the Morris Family, who recently added a baby boy to their home. Her honest to goodness posts on being a new mom make me tear up.
This week, a new person commented on one of my posts - and I was elated! Jenni @ Story of My Life.

The one blog I read that is NOTHING like the rest is Hyperbole and a Half. Pee before you read this. And you will never spell "A lot" wrong again. Ever.

Now, last week I joined SITS, in my attempt to be a better blogger and to find more blogs with my interests. I am anxiously awaiting the day I may be featured!

Through this I have found the following blogs (and more):

Mommy's Sippy Cup

Dooce (awesome blog BTW)

Mabels House (another schnauzer lover!)

Mommy Boots

Not Quite Susie Homemaker

The Glamorous Life of a Housewife (I wanna be one too!)

Last but not least at all, Scary Mommy. Something I LOVE about this blog is all her advice on how to be a great blogger and attract readers. Plus her up front blogging style is genius.

Soon, after I find my vibe and Logan is here, I would love to try and join Blogher. But that step seems overwhelming at the moment...

As you can see, I am becoming obsessed. But all these people's stories have made me smile, laugh, cry, pee, etc... and I wanted to give each and everyone a shout out.

Happy weekend everyone!


Donald said...

If you use Google Reader, it pulls all your blogs into one space and shows when you have an update (can also get to them quickly to see old entries).

Blog one-stop-shopping!

Can show you later this week. :)

Breann said...

Yes but don't you then lose the settings they have set up for their site? I like having the links and extras most have off to the side...

Jenni said...

Thanks for the shoutout!!! You're so sweet!!! Love your blog. :)