Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College Days

Saturday we attended the SFA (Stephen F Austin State University) vs. Sam Houston State Tailgate. The only reason we were there this year is because it was held here at Reliant Stadium. Almost every year since we graduated, we have planned on going back up to Nacogdoches for Homecoming - but never went. This made it nice and easy for us to go, since we live 20 minutes from the stadium.

We were one of the first groups there but stuff was already being set up, at 10:30am:
Eventually others started showing up, including someone with DJ equipment, and the party started to get under way.
Lee is a Sigma Chi (the 5th in his family), if you can't tell by now...

There were some interesting shirts - this one I took offense to:
I wanted to think up something clever to say to this guy, but not sure what Joe College would have thought of a 30 year old uber pregnant chick telling him how pretty SFA girls are.

But there were also shirts I totally identified with:
Otherwise, the people watching was phenomenal. Outfit choices for a hot sunny tailgate were interesting. Dresses with cowboy boots, knee boots with jeans and a t-shirt... and then this:

Look to the right of Sarah (creating a diversion). The minute this chick walked up, every girl there speculated about her outfit.

Who wears shoes like that to stand in all day?

Did she just get off work?

Walk of shame from last night?

I know, it's terrible, but when you dress like that for a sports event, you are going to be talked about - it's just life honey.

Someone did take a photo of all of us together, but I don't have the picture. I left at 2:30 and took a nap at home in my A/C with the dogs.

It was a fun day and a fun weekend, with Bret and Sarah staying with us from Thursday night to Monday afternoon.

They brought sweatshirts as instructed.

As far as I know, they still have all their toes.


Anonymous said...

Those are some ho-shoes for sho!

The Collins in 2010 said...

Love it!
if that girl just got off work, where the heck does she work????

Transplant said...

All toes are accounted for! That picture is hilarious. HI LAR I OUS. And I am looking quite sober (*ahem*) We had so much fun with you guys!! Wish we could do that more often!

Breann said...

Sarah - have you posted the pictures to Facebook yet??