Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breastfeeding for Men

Last night, Lee and I attended our first baby class together.


In my mind, there would be other husbands there, supporting their wives and learning about how to help them through the rough few weeks of getting the hang of it.

Nope. Just Lee.


It wasn't so much that he was having to listen about boobs the whole time and even watch a super fun movie about breast feeding (complete with British Accent commentary!), but more that he was the only man and he didn't see why he needed to be there.

So he found any and every reason to be on his Blackberry. I don't think he has ever been so happy to have that phone with him. He may have texted everyone in his phone book so he could be distracted.

There were a few other reasons he didn't quite enjoy this class:
  • No "food." They provided coffee, water, hot tea, and granola bars. That's not food. The class was from 5:30 - 8pm. No food?
  • The word nipples, said about 100,000 times. Followed up by "cracked nipples" or "bleeding nipples." Even I cringed.
  • The fabric stuffed prop boob that Lee ended up having to touch to see what a clogged duct feels like.
Among other things...

I give him props for going, and staying.
He even told me to go out and buy some of the things they highly suggested (My Brest Friend is better than the Boppy I hear.)

I hope the nice birthday presents I got him this year make up for it!

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Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Oh no... my Breastfeeding class is next week... and Ryan's going... I will NOT be telling him the Houston Husbands's don't attend..
And I was already queasy about the class myself... this is going to be interesting!