Thursday, November 4, 2010

Worst night of sleep ever...

(so far, I'm sure...)

Last night was the worst night of sleep ever. There were multiple reasons this happened.

1. The ceiling fan is making a strange noise. All of a sudden, after 6 years.
2. Teddy is a spaz.
3. Our cat is a bitch.

So - for #1 - the fan has been making this noise off and on for days, but then decided to just ramp it up a notch and make the noise really loudly and not stop. Lee messed with it, sprayed it with WD40... nothing worked. So we turned it off. (MADAY! MADAY!)

For #2 - We bring Teddy in from outside and put him in the bed and he is trembling. Teeth chattering trembling. First we wonder if he is cold, since it's -5 degrees in the house these days. Figured out that wasn't it - something had him scared. Was is the fan? The smell of the WD40? No idea. So he shoves himself under the covers all the way at the foot of the bed.

For #3 - I wake up an hour later, can't breathe. Stuffy nose and no air moving. The a/c isn't on b/c of the cool weather and the fan is off - for the first time in years.
I get up and go out to the garage and grab the oscillating fan. I point it in my direction and turn it on, happy for a little relief, and go back to sleep.


Lilly - the cat. She hates the oscillating fan. I guess it's the different type of breeze it makes, not sure. So she paces the room and meows.

All night.

Around 1am I pull Teddy out from under the covers because he is practically smoking he is so hot and he proceeds to lay there and pant.

No sleep.

THE CEILING FAN!It caused this chain reaction of hell that left me not sleeping.

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Donald said...

LOL - you left out the entire whack-bang-spray ghetto-fabulous fixing method!