Monday, November 15, 2010

Role Models

{I will start this by saying the Eagles vs. Redskins game is on right now and it's 21-0 in the first quarter}

My husband loves football.

Love actually doesn't cover it - but we will just say he super duper enjoys watching it and playing fantasy football. Because of this, I am laying on the couch watching Monday Night Football....

As I lay here playing solitaire on my phone, I am forced to listen to the commentators praise Michael Vick non stop.

Each and every time I hear his name, I cringe. My entire life, I have loved animals. There are no words whatsoever to describe the joy dogs (and cats!) have brought to my life over the years. So to listen to the commentator talk about how it is so great MV got a second chance and how he has paid his debt to society... it makes me sick.

Please, tell me, how a CONVICTED FELON OF A VIOLENT HATE CRIME can walk back onto that field and make millions and millions of dollars.
{This isn't really only about him. I mean all professional sports men who rape, kill, etc..}

Furthermore, going to jail for 21 months for the horrible thing he was involved in, then getting out and crying on tv about how he had a terrible childhood and how dog fighting is "cultural" to him... seriously?

Why does everyone think that a "hard" childhood gives them an open ticket to be a piece of shit? I don't understand.

So please explain to me, NFL/NBA/MLB, how you can let these men who are convicted (we won't mention the accused) of violent crimes walk out onto a field or court and make millions of dollars and - my point here - be a role model to small children throughout the world.

As I lay on this couch and feel my son move in my belly - it angers me to my core that he may one day sit and root for a man holding a ball who did something terrible in his personal life - but was "blessed" with great athletic ability.

Doesn't a little boy/young man who reads about professional athletes raping women and killing animals - but still playing sports and making money - get the idea that as long as you are REALLY good at something, you can get away with more than the average person?

Those dogs couldn't ask for help. They didn't know why what was being done to them was happening. They were pushed into beasts. They were not only fought but tortured. So I don't care if he cries in his cheerios about how he was broke and in jail and how he is truly sorry.

I don't know if this was a real coherent post, maybe I am a little too mad to write it right now... but if someone did to a person (or people) what was done to those dogs - 21 months in jail wouldn't have been enough. So why was it for defenseless animals?

My point may be that if you can't be a decent person at home, you shouldn't be allowed to walk out onto a field and be a great athlete and role model.


Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Amen, sister. I can't agree more. Society is going to fight everything we teach our little boys about how to be decent young men with qualities to admire.

The Collins in 2010 said...

I have been on this same soap box for moths! I think Vick needs to be rapped. seriously the guy should get ZERO positive media coverage.