Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Might Be 9 Months Pregnant When...

  • Someone asks you how long you have, and when you say 3 weeks they say "Looks like 3 hours!"
  • You are asked if it's triplets.
  • You sneeze, and pee a little.
  • You laugh, and pee a little.
  • You think too hard, and pee a little.
  • People just plain stare at you.
  • People leap out of your way in line at Starbucks.
  • The checker at Target looks concerned and asks "is that too heavy?" when you are putting the laundry detergent in the cart.
  • You are pretty sure your coworkers are staring at you because they think your water is about to break.
  • You can't sleep because your hips are hurting.
  • You can't put toe nail polish on (oh darn! Pedi time!!)
  • You haven't seen your feet in months.
  • You have one pair of shoes that still fits. They are black and white. This makes getting dressed an extra challenge.
  • You hear someone say "woah" when you walk into a meeting.
  • People leap out of your way in Target so you can go past them.
Other ways you know you are 9 months pregant:
  • You feel your baby move and you smile instantly.
  • You are nesting. "Dust?! WHERE!?"
  • You already have a car seat with blanket and sleep sheep in the car.
  • You want to decorate for Christmas NOW so you don't miss your chance before he gets here.
  • You look at your husband and love him more every day because he not only gave you this gift of a new life, but you really hope your son looks just like him and has his laugh.


Jenni said...

This was the sweetiest (and FUNNIEST) darn thing EVER!!! Love the part about peeing (I've heard that can be a problem while preggo), loved the reference to the "sleep sheep," and loved the sweet bit at the end about loving your hubby more every day... you make me look forward to being pregnant... in the very far and distant future... ;) ;)

Okie Rednecks said...

I was thinking about you as I had Roxy and Sasha laying on me and I was roasting and sweating. How is it working out with the pups and your roasting hot nature right now???

I know that you guys can't wait to see the little guy!!!

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Again.. Amen, sister! only flip flops fit me right now. I'd much rather wear no shoes at all.. and FYI, we just had our first freeze watch.. and I wore a tank top, flip flops, and capris to the doctor today... I got stared at..

Transplant said...

Dear Breann, Please come bring your nesting urges to Florida. They are urgently needed. Love, Sarah. P.S. Come check out my rad new blog layout. Lots of sweat, blood and tears went into that one.