Friday, November 26, 2010

I hope you like vegetables...

Everyone is different when it comes to their grocery list. Some just put it on a small scrap of paper. Some have a very elaborate check list. Some just go off memory.

Mine is quite particular. There is only one store I like to go to. Therefore, I made a spreadsheet with each Aisle # and what's on that aisle. It even has colors.

However, I have a bit of a shorthand when it comes to what I write down. I already know in my head what I need, so I am really just reminding myself of what to grab.

For instance - Tomato Sauce may be written down as: (2) 16oz tom sauce

Ground Beef? (aka hamburger meat): 1 hmeat (means 1 pound of hamburger meat)

If i am making salads for the week, I just write down what veggies I need and grab what I think is the right amount when I get there.

(I promise my point is coming)

Today, while eating breakfast, I had a contraction.
It hurt.
A lot.
And this one Lee witnessed since he wasn't asleep in bed next to me. He rubbed my back and his eyes bugged out of his head.

After that, I gave up on breakfast and started my grocery list. While watching tv I mentioned to Lee I would go to the store while he took my car in for service. He looked right at me and said "No. you are not going anywhere alone."
Oh - you mean because of that contraction earlier eh?

I learn at 38 weeks what it takes to get my husband to grocery shop? dammit.

So while he was in the shower, I rewrote my list so that it was less shorthand. I even tried to write "next to the soup" by the beef broth, etc. Things I thought would help him navigate without me.

He only called me once to ask me something and so I figured all was ok.

When I started to unpack the bags, I noticed a few odd things...

Tostada shells? Why?
Lee: You wrote "hard tortillas."
Me: omg. baby brain. I couldn't think the words "taco shells." (see? I would have known what I meant at the store...)

Also - enough carrots to feed a stable of horses.
Lee: You just wrote "carrots." you need to write how many!!

Probably a good 6 red bell peppers, 2 heads of lettuce, and a bag of tomatoes. I am thinking a whole meal this week needs to just be a big ass salad!

I was at a loss of where to put all this stuff. Bags of chips, bags of popcorn, other inventive man shopping items.

The one thing I needed that wasn't in there?

Tupperware. (I am making extra food for post-baby).

Lee: I had no idea where that was I can wanted the hell out of there.


Grocery shopping from now on should be interesting.

Ranch dip and carrots will be an easy snack for at least a month...


The Collins in 2010 said...

Too Funny! Wait till he has to dress the baby :)

Donald said...

They could do an entire tv series where they have men and women swap chores/tasks/responsibilities.

Men: grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc.

Women: cleaning & detailing the car, other man things, etc.

My bet would be that the women prevail, but would still be really funny to see the different take on how they go about doing it differently.

Transplant said...

Hard Tortillas!! That is hi.lar.ious. Also - it's funny that he didn't call you to ask what that was. Those are problem solving skills if you ask me!