Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is this... it?

Last night I was acting, as Lee put it, "The most bizarre I have seen you act the whole pregnancy."
I couldn't sit still. I got up and dusted the house.
Sat down.
Got up and swiffered the floors.
Sat down.
Got up and wiped off the kitchen table.
Sat down.
Couldn't concentrate on the TV or my magazines, nothing. I was also feeling my stomach harden up like a boulder.

Finally, exhausted, I go to bed - only to wake at 12:30am with a very painful contraction that lasted a good minute and I couldn't breathe it away or roll around to make it stop. Picture me, laying in bed google-ing "Labor symptoms" into my phone. After an hour, I quit freaking out and fell back to sleep. I had woken Lee up, but he just mumbled "let me know if it's game time" and went back to sleep.

All morning I had a low stomach ache so I finally emailed my awesome nurse. She said that this could be the beginning and with first babies it can take awhile. Or it could be tomorrow. There are small changes that happen before D day and I could be feeling some of those.


So - now I have my bag packed for the hospital along with Logan's bag, and they are both by the back door on the bench. There really is nothing left to do. The to do's are done. The Thank You notes are done. The room is super done.
Apparently, the baby is "done" too and starting to show me this.

Me? I am n-e-r-v-o-u-s.

Lee? "Just let me know when it's time." *goes back to Call of Duty Black Ops.*

18 more days.

I am going to break my rule and decorate for Christmas tomorrow. I have a feeling I need to get this done!

Oh- here is my 37 week photo - a little different than my others:
I had a meeting at a job site that day and they required hard hats and glasses. I felt really silly!


Transplant said...

Girl, lookin' good in a hard hat.

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

Trust your instincts, decorate now! Pregnant job site attire is SEXY! I have a pink hard hat... I also feel pretty silly...