Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Girl Job

Other than wrangling Logan and being the best wife I can be, I also have that Big Girl Job I go to every weekday.

Recently a project I worked on was completed so I headed up to take some photos, something I rarely get to do.

Note: The color scheme is a company standard. Not my idea! I will say it's growing on me...

The floor is entirely open seating

"Huddle Rooms" and "Phone Rooms" are provided for privacy when needed.

Another view of the Huddle Room. There is a larger "Meeting Room" behind this to the left.

Very large Meeting Room

Small break room

Elevator Lobby. No the building isn't falling, I just can't hold the camera straight....

Large sign - I tried to be creative

I blurred out the company name, just to be nice.
Other than the color scheme, it was my job to draw up the plans and assist the contractor when they had questions. This company is growing rapidly and I am looking forward to more work with them in the near future!



Joshua said...

I would kill to work in a place with color. Everything here is greys and creams. I love that blue.

Sarah said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! A BIG GIRL JOBBBB!! Sorry for the late comment, I didn't read while I was gone. I love you and I miss you.