Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Man I'm tired...

Lilly, yawning
I'm tired of fighting and controversy.
I'm tired of trying to figure out the right thing to say/do.
I'm tired of just not saying anything at all.

This whole Chick Fil A thing is absurd. First of all - what else do you expect out of someone of that generation? What else do you expect out of someone who's store is closed on Sunday's and there is a poster in the window telling you exactly why?

Now - do I think what was said was right? No. Am I surprised? No.

I was not happy about finding out about this companies charitable contributions. THAT would be a reason I wouldn't want to spend my money there.

However, the owner of the franchise may feel differently than the company. You are hurting them, not the man at the top. 

Am I happy about the way the opposing side reacted? No.

Fighting fire with fire is never the way to go.

I feel like everyone overreacted. And I feel like there was a lot of emotion without a total understanding of the entire situation.There was much texting and explaining in my own family about this and it was awkward until we all finally talked and moved on.

I support equal rights for everyone. You can't tell me that allowing gays to marry is going to ruin traditional marriage. Really? Traditional marriage is already something many people do not take seriously. Are you telling me that someone who is in love and wants to have a family and have already been together for 10 years and only wants the same basic rights has less right to get married than Kim freaking Kardashian?

When I got married, I told myself (and Lee) that we will see 3 different counselors and try everything in our power to stay together. Thankfully, nothing like that has been needed, but we were serious when we got married. We didn't think "oh well, if it doesn't work we will just split up."
Too many other people don't see it that way. When there are laws that you can't get married more than 5 times in a state, I believe the whole traditional marriage thing is not the right argument anymore.

I won't be cliche and say "why can't everyone just get along." But I am not going to just sit here and not fight with my dear friends for equal rights. I am sure it was exactly this way for Women's Rights and Civil Rights. Eventually, it will all work out, but for now it's a fight.


I'm tired of teething. At least there are only 3 teeth left to go...



Simply Kelly Blog said...

I could not have said this better myself. Well done!

Billy Tatum said...

Hrrrmmm... Familiar convo!