Monday, August 13, 2012

Our weekend...

Guys, I feel a little conflicted. What is my blog all about?

Logan? - Yes.
Life? - Yes.
Occasional Rant? - Yes
Cooking? - Yes.

So I have decided to just blog about anything and all things and see how it goes.

This past weekend was busy, but good busy. We did whatever we wanted and it was great.

Friday night I went with my boss and clients to the Astros game, in style at the Insperity Club.
Now THIS is how you watch baseball!
I had a great time for sure and we actually won!

Saturday morning we headed to the Galleria to let Logan hang out in the "Little Galleria." It is basically this super awesome play area that is padded so you can let him loose and sit still and drink coffee.

As you know, coffee is one of my very favorite things.

Anywhoo, we often let him loose right off the elevator.
Buy me all the things!
He always has a great time and we always love to watch him jump and play and, honestly, wear himself out.

That afternoon we did a little kiddie - pool time and then had friends over for dinner.
It's Hatch Chili time here in Houston and HEB had everything strategically placed so that you bought everything and anything hatch.
And we did.
I bought a container of roasted chili's:
I put them in the mini prep with lemon and oil and rubbed it all over a whole chicken:
Lee grilled it very slowly along with some sausage and veggies:

I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Sarah and Katie in the kitchen drinking wine and talking about babies, marriage, and botox.

Sunday we rounded up about 12 people (and 3 babies) and headed out to brunch.

Parmesan Truffle Fries

Katz Coffee
Shrimp and Grits for me please!
I left my camera at home so these are all iPhone, but Sarah (and Katie!) brought theirs so hopefully I can link to some photos soon.

Now back to a busy week.

And please let the teething stop. Mama needs some sleep y'all.


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