Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Car Shopping

It's still about 6 months away, but I am already obsessing shopping for cars.

Right now I have a 2010 Acura RDX:
All in all, we really like this car. The main drawback for us is the size. With Logan's car seat, I can only comfortably seat 3 adults (including myself) in the car. 4 if someone wants to squeeze in. Also, the cargo space is lacking in a bad way.

The thing we have going for us is that we leased this car, so in March - it goes back and we get something else. I am in the market for something bigger, but not huge. Here is what I am looking at.

1. Chevy Traverse
2013 Traverse
 I am really loving this vehicle. It's gotten #1 family vehicle several years running, it's big but not huge, and it's on a car chassis which makes it drive nice. Seats 7 people and I could fold the back row down for trips where we need more cargo.
Starting Price: $30,485. My price (loaded): 40K.

2. Ford Explorer
I rode in this one yesterday and I had some geek moments for sure. It was awesome and roomy and had... wait for it... cooled seats. OH. WOW. Seats 7 people, the back cargo (and back of the back seats) are rubber so it won't get dirty. I've heard great things about the Sync system.
Starting Price: $28,870. My price (loaded): 40k.

3. Maxda CX-9
 Lee wants us to look at this one, but I am not crazy about the body style. Maybe when I see it in person?
Starting Price: $33. My Price (loaded) $39k.

Any suggestions?



Donald said...

Loving the look of the Ford!

Sarah said...

Giiiiiirrrl Go with the Explorer. My best friend has one and absolutely loves it. It's like a spaceship. Plus Brett has Sync in his car and it is seriously amazing. FORD FORD!!

averyswifeliz said...

Our neighbors have the mazda and it looks better in person, I think. We actually are looking at one ourselves. How do ya'll like leasing a car? We may consider that over buying.

Breann said...

I do like leasing because I am super indecisive and always want a new car. This time we may buy since we are getting something for "family" that we will probably get pretty dirty with an active boy!