Monday, August 20, 2012

Body Shop

After a wonderful visit to the ENT on Thursday, it has been determined that Logan needs to go back to the body shop for a tune up.

The Dr came in the room and I started just spilling off the week we had. Fever, tonsils swollen, etc etc etc.

He was like "so basically he is on Nasonex and Claritin and STILL has goopy nose?"


So I help Logan in a vice grip while the Dr cleaned out his nose. I heard this awful slurp noise and the Dr held up the clear tube and said "Gee, does that look like puss to you? Looks like puss to me!"

At least 2 tablespoons of puss were in this tube and it had all come out of Logan's aednoid.
Because I didn't know where/what it was either...
Basically, this is the culprit of Logan's issues since he has tubes and is STILL getting infections.

This little sucker is being yanked out on August 31st. Hopefully this means that as we enter cold and flu season, Logan can actually just get a cold, not some nasty infection.

Ever since Thursday (and now on some antibiotics.... again) Logan is back to himself. Sleeping, eating, happy!

Oh and that whole slogan - Happy Wife Happy Life? no. It's really "Happy CHILD Happy Life."

Just letting you know...


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Joshua said...

That sucks. Glad he's feeling better, and good luck getting that little bugger taken out.