Monday, September 17, 2012

A weekend in Photos

The thing I LOVE about iCloud is that I can sit down at the computer and see all the photos I took on my phone.

In sharing an apple ID, I can also see all the photos Lee takes on his phone. It's usually stuff like this:
Cheers Kitty?
More than likely talking about the color of this beer (home-brewed Pumpkin Ale)

We started out the weekend with me going bowling with my office. This was a fund raising type thing and our boss wanted us to be memorable and have a great time because she wanted the other people there to remember our name.

 Ok fine - so let's bowl dressed up as princesses shall we?

No strike for me
 Saturday we were out an about most of the day, starting with breakfast and then the farmers market:

 Yes, it's a leash. It was necessary... but he actually did really well and didn't run off. We worked a lot on hand holding.

 Sunday we tried to be lazy in pajamas:

That lasted about 30 seconds and we had to find stuff to do. Logan's favorite thing on earth is "OUTSIDE!" so we played a lot outside and then I made breakfast:

Salsa and provolone on eggs.
Add to buttered toast
 Afterwards we were still trying to wear Logan out so he would take a good nap - and Lee was watching football so Logan and I hung out in the kitchen for a little bit:

Cars 2 - forever on our DVR

Logan loves these boots. If he sees them then we have to put them on. Thankfully it has been raining off and on so he got to splash around in them a lot. I have yet to wear mine out and about but I am hoping to do so very soon!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!