Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update on Logan

Friday was Logan's surgery to remove his aednoid.

This day was interesting because he didn't go in until 10:30am. This meant he was hungry and thirsty all morning. He was a champ about it and didn't seem to really notice.

We left the house at 8am and started the process of getting him checked in and set up. They gave us these terrible pajamas for him:

Mom? Seriously?
He breezed through the 30 minute surgery and was pretty groggy for about 30 minutes after. We weren't in recovery long and were home by noon!

The only thing he really said was Logan was just full of green goop and they flushed him out and took some cultures to see what kind of crap was hiding in there. His aednoid was HUGE and blocking about 2/3 of his airway - which is why he snores and mouth breathes.

The next few days were pretty normal except the nasty dark green goop coming out of his nose - but that is normal. Today he was back to himself and didn't have a runny nose.

Let's hope we can get through at least a month of NO FEVER!


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Joshua said...

Crossing my fingers for him.