Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am pretty open to listening to new music. Since I only listen to the radio in the mornings to hear the Roula and Ryan show, I am usually exposed to today's pop hits by the artists I despise - like Niki Manaj and Katy Perry.

One day, however, they played this song:

I love this song.

It's at happy and catchy as Call Me Maybe from earlier in the summer. In fact, between those 2 songs I feel like I need a diary and a crush in the current issue of Teen Bop.

Most of the time my music choice is a little more grown up.

But when I want to listen to good ole chick music, this is my go-to album:

I know the words to pretty much every song on this album. Her second one didn't grab me as much but I should probably give it another listen.

Now if I need a little angry girl music I go this direction:
If you are mad, at anyone, listen to this song, and then the rest of the album. I love all her music, in fact.

What about you? What is some of your go-to music?



Sarah said...

I agree with all of those choices. Especially the angry Miranda Lambert. Those Texas girls have a fire in 'em. :) Also, Sara Bareilles' version of Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay is REALLY good if you haven't heard it.

Diane Haynes said...

Steely Dan. U2. Nora Jones. vibes like these.