Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chicken Soup cure all...

I think I am sick. I mean, I have had an on and off stomach ache since Thursday. While stomach issues are normal for me, one like this that lingers and produces zero.... sickness.... is not. I also have a mean migraine that is hiding behind my right eye until the cool front comes through. I wish I could find the little bugger and take his ice pick away.

I decided to treat myself with soft foods and what's better than homemade chicken soup?

Chicken soup is something of a celebrity in this house. I have been making it for our entire marriage and Lee eats at least 2 bowls at a time.

Tonight, because I am hoping if I am nice this bug will go away, I am sharing my recipe.

3 - 4 carrots, thinly sliced
1 onion - chopped in chunks
2 stalks of celery
1 whole chicken
Noodles - I normally use egg noodles but all I had on hand was gnocchi tonight and it was awesome!

1: place the chicken in a stock pot and fill the pot 3/4 full with water. Add salt.

2: Bring to a boil and simmer/slightly boil for about 30 minutes, until the skin is pulling away from the bones on the ends of the legs.

3: Once the chicken is done, use whichever kitchen device you think is best to extract the chicken from the water and put it in a colander in the sink. DO. NOT. DUMP. THE. WATER!

4: In a skillet, saute your veggies with 2-3 tablespoons of butter and a drizzle of olive oil. I like to get them pretty soft if I am making the soup after work, otherwise I only saute long enough to get some color and then let them simmer in the stock in the pot. So - saute away and them put the veggies in the pot with your chicken broth. Let the broth come to a boil.

5: De-bone your chicken and put all of the meat into the pot with the veggies and the broth.  Add a hefty pinch of thyme, salt, and pepper.

6: Throw in (or toss, or pour) the noodles and let it all simmer happily until the noodles are done and everyone has gotten well acquainted in the pot. Also, if you only saute'd the veggies for a little while, make sure they are nice and soft.

Guys? That's it. So much better than canned soup. I like to dash a little Lawry's season salt or something like that on it but it really doesn't need it.

After that, Lee and I indulged in a slice of my mother-in-laws pumpkin bread. Also a celebrity in this family...
Feeling better already...



Diane Haynes said...

WOW! looks so good i can almost smell it. The chicken soup and the pumpkin bread.
Feel better!

Missy said...

That looks so yummy! Hope you are feeling better soon friend!