Sunday, September 21, 2008

3 Things...

To add to this lovely post-natural-disaster week, I had a first. Yesterday on the way over to feed our friend's cat, I got into my first car accident. Due to all red lights being 4-way stops (and most city people don't get it..) I went to turn left and someone wanted to go straight and hit my right front fender. Now, at the time, I was a little freaked. My legs were shaking and I was just in a daze. The damage is stupid. Even in pictures it doesn't really show up. Remember the VW commercials where they are driving along and someone creams them and they go "OH Sh**"? That is kinda how this was.You can kinda tell that piece is popped out a little.
Same here. Barely a scrape. I mean, we were going about 15mph so it isn't like I was t-boned or anything. Still, sucked.

This afternoon I was sitting around Jen and Dave's while they went out for lunch for her birthday and Lee went to watch football (long sentence!) aaaand the puppies all took a nice siesta. I used this time to do laundry, eat lunch, and read 3/4 of cjane's blog archives. Anyway, here is what I observed...Lola on top of like 3 pillows. Snug as a bug.My Mr. Ted, loves ottomans.
Tashi, soaking up some sunshine.
Don't you adore the way puppies smell when they have been sleeping? Like corn chips. And the little stretch and yawn that says "That is exactly what I needed! I shall repeat that in about 45 minutes..."
Ok last photo. This was Friday, heading out to daycare to escape the hot house.

My pups = love.

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