Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's that time of year!

I believe I should start my birthday list! I want some different things than usual this year so I want to go ahead and put it out there.
#1 - I really really want some latte bowls in fiesta type colors (and white). I hear that they come in multiple sizes and I think cereal and maybe a few larger (think pasta!) would be nice. Maybe even one mixing size?#2 - an iPhone? but that means I have to switch carriers. I want the Blackberry Bold BADLY but i would settle for the curve. Not sure this is really a birthday item...#3 - A Le Creuset Dutch Oven!!!! A nice big one. Don't really care what color (i guess red b/c most of my other stuff is red like my kitchenaid).

#4 - Gift cards I guess? Victoria's Secret (I am in love with their very light and lacy undies. they feel like you are wearing nothing and make you feel pretty :) ) Williams Sonoma!! Crate N Barrel! You know me... cooking knick knacks.

#5 - All my friends together for dinner and wine. :)

Update: Still now power! We are comfy and cozy at Lee's parents house. Hopefully soon, it will be nice to get into our own bed again. *sigh*

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The Riddle Family said...

Those bowls from Anthro are awesome but they do chip rather easily. I love them though.

I've wanted a massive sized Le Creuset dutch oven for a long time. I just can't bring myself to pony up that much dough.