Friday, September 26, 2008

Small Town Girl Appears...

This morning I was going to Starbucks and this lady was sitting in the turning lane with her blinker on, so I thought she was going to just turn in the parking lot. So I swung in and got in the line for drive-through. Turns out, I kinda cut her off. Now, since I live in this big city of no manners, I could have just said "whatever, maybe if she didn't drive the hugest Infiniti SUV she could have made it.." but I felt bad so I paid for her coffee.As of this morning, my zip is 36% out. Jimmy & Donald, as well as Carl who lives up 290 a bit, all got power yesterday. They say "Major Lines" are due to be finished by today, which will bring most people up. Otherwise, they project over 80% up by Sunday. Now, I ask, if they are so excited about this 75%, how is 80% any better? I mean it is but it doesn't sound like it would be that much.

More bowling pics!
Jimmy and I had a REALLY good time!!

Weekend Plans:
Of course it all depends on the lovely people at Centerpoint, but we may go see a movie or 2. I just want to go grocery shopping. I have ZERO food in my house now. I haven't been to a grocery store in 2 weeks! I miss looking at the produce and carefully planning my weekly menu. If we get the power back, it will mean mass amounts of cooking for me! Cookies, slow cooker, etc. I just want to be home! I will actually enjoy cleaning my house and getting it back to normal and doing laundry and just... living.

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