Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm back!

Monday at 4:30pm - our power was turned back on. That means we went 15.5 days without power in our home. 8 of those we spent out of our house!

Last night I cooked dinner (after a $150 trip to the store!) and found that someone had placed the honey in the fridge. Let me tell you, unless you need a creative way to work out, do not do this! I needed 3 tablespoons!! So I groaned and squeezed and grunted my way through. Then I look at the bottle: Please do not refrigerate. Thanks, Donald or Lee, for doing that favor for me.

Today is just gorgeous. We can see fall on the horizon. I am hoping to leave the backdoor and some windows open while I am in the kitchen tonight. It will just be so nice.

Work is going great. It has been a tad slow but things are picking up. I have 3 sizeable projects that are going into construction document phase (meaning I have to draft the blueprints for the contractor) and one that is due out on Friday to the contractor.

Tonight is dress-rehearsal for Halloween for the pups. I will post pictures tomorrow of them plotting my death!

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