Monday, October 6, 2008

My Asian Me...

Today I went to Verizon with Jimmy to buy a new phone for work. I am now on the work plan exclusively instead of carrying around 2 phones all the time. And that saves me money since I won't have a cell phone bill every month.

While I was there, this girl walked in and Jimmy said "Wow, she is the Asian you!"
Here are things we had in common:
Same length hair
Same bag (although I wasn't carrying the same one, I own the same one)
Cardigan over a white T
flats with a bow
big necklace

Pretty wierd! Although we were in totally different color schemes, we were dressed very alike! I have on a purple cardigan, hers is pink. I have on black slacks, hers were dressy denim. But still, woah!

I like my phone, just trying to figure it out. I had a song as my ring tone from Dan in Real Life and I just have to figure out how to get that song onto this phone.... we shall see.

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