Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Spice of Life

I love fall.

Fall represents to me pretty colors, cooler weather, and food with happy flavors to it.
Yesterday I was out in a meeting far far away in Katy, TX (about 30-45 minutes from our house.) It took me only 30 minutes (speed demon) and I got to the meeting early. Once finished, I decided to check out this place that I normally don't go to because it is so far away. It is called Sandy's Market. It is right at Dairy Ashford before the Beltway (for any Houston person reading this.) This place is simply a delight. Wonderful people working there, and 2 walls full of fresh spices and herbs. EVERYTHING is organic. Organic noodles, sauces, canned goods, produce, and bins and bins of nuts, granola, oats, flax, etc.
On top of that there is a whole wall of healing herbs and teas. One was called "Colon Tamer" and I just kinda laughed and kept looking around.
I grabbed a few things, eager to go back again. The prices are very reasonable and I am ready to make some fall desserts with all my cinnamon!I have been a busy bee this morning. But it only started after Teddy worked on us for over an hour to get up.
Teddy: Hey! Morning! HEY!
Us: *grumble*
Lola: shhhh! *burrows deeper*

Teddy: HEY HEY! Morning! Squirrels to chase! Sticks to gather! Hey!
Lee: ok ok ok.
Me: *grumble* noooooo
Lola: UGH. fine. I need to pee anyway.

Then we all got back in bed and Ted just kept on. He wakes you up by putting all his 26 pounds of weight on you. He just leans right on your kidneys until your bladder protests. He walks all along your head and stands on your boob (it hurts!) and doesn't stop until you are up. He is such a morning dog, almost like every morning is Christmas. Lola, on the other hand, is like me. She will get up when she is good and ready. She would sleep until 10 if we all stayed in bed.
But Teddy - he is ready to go when the sun comes up.

With the cooler weather I left the back door open while bacon was on the stove and I was washing dishes (coffee travel mugs, precious bowls I won't put in the dishwasher). Teddy kept bringing me sticks from outside. It was a constant walking back and forth and gathering. I would politely take the stick away and he would just turn around and go outside to get another.

Once breakfast was done I cleaned and cleaned the kitchen. Then the living room. Then I made the bed and started laundry.

I have only been seriously awake for about an hour and 1/2, but I feel accomplished.

Tonight is my big birthday dinner! I will take pictures for sure. This here is an upfront warning of the amount of wine that will be on the table and how very much will go in my gut.

And straight to my head.

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